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  • Ikebana & Mihara Ken 三原研

    Flowers in the City
    by Kristie Lui
    Ikebana & Mihara Ken 三原研

    We're delighted to collaborate once again with Ikebana designer Eriko Nagata (EriN Design International), to present Mihara Ken's flower vessel. Read more about his work here. 

  • Notes on Suzuki Osamu

    Sodeisha, Space, and Suzuki's New Jar
    by Kristie Lui
    Notes on Suzuki Osamu
  • Sweeping winds

    Musings on the Shigaraki art of Koyama Yasuhisa
    by Kristie Lui
    Sweeping winds
  • Kitamura Junko

    Works in Vertigo
    by Kristie Lui
    Kitamura Junko
    Exploring the detailed work of Kitamura Junko.
  • Mirror, mirror, mochi

    New Years Kagamimochi
    by Kristie Lui
    Mirror, mirror, mochi

    “Kagami Mochi” is a traditional Japanese New Years decoration. It translates to "mirror mochi" or "mirror rice cake". Where does it come from? What does it mean? Let us explore its symbolism. 

  • The Legacy of Mingei & Murata Gen

    The social art history of Murata Gen's pottery
    by Kristie Lui
    The Legacy of Mingei & Murata Gen

    While we are excited to see new artists emerging on the stage of Japanese ceramic scene, we pause, and examine those who pioneered in the field; who looked into their own humble roots to be inspired. This is the work of Murata Gen, of Mashiko & Mingei...