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  • Excerpts: Miyanohara Ken (1898-1977)

    A master potter- Translated article from Monthly Magazine of Antique Art & Mingei, published November 1, 1978
    by Kristie Lui
    Excerpts: Miyanohara Ken (1898-1977)
    Read our translated excerpt from:  目の眼 ー古美術・民芸の月刊誌 11月号 昭和54年11月1日発行 (Eyes of the Eye ーMonthly Magazine of Antique art and Mingei, November issue Published on November 1, 1978) on the life and work of master potter Miyanohara Ken, who was a student of Meiji era master potter, Itaya Hazan.
  • The Vase as Art Object (Obuje-Kaki オブジェ花器)

    Ceramics of The Ikebana Sogetsu School
    by Kristie Lui
    The Vase as Art Object (Obuje-Kaki オブジェ花器)

    The art of floral arrangement in Japan has a modern and avant-garde history that is intertwined with development of modern ceramic visual arts. Both tea masters and flower arrangement (Ikebana) artists are the natural companions for ceramic artists in the course of their work. Click to read more about the noble and modern associations of ceramics and Ikebana.

  • Excerpts: Wada Morihiro

    Sen-Mon, Keisei-Mon Series 蟬文・千文 ・ 繋千文 (1992-1995)
    by Kristie Lui
    Excerpts: Wada Morihiro
  • by Kristie Lui
    Higashida Shigemasa on Honoo Geijutsu 炎芸術

    Dai Ichi Arts is delighted to announce that Gallery artist Higashida Shigemasa has been published in the autumn 2023 issue of Honoho Geijutsu (The Art of Fire), a quarterly journal on Japanese ceramics and Kogei. 

  • by Kristie Lui
    Setsurei: The Art of Miwa Kyusetsu XIII (Kazuhiko)
  • by Kristie Lui
    Goto Hideki 後藤秀樹 (b. 1973)
    Goto Hideki is a ceramic artist based in Tajimi City. After graduating from Tajimi Technical High School, where he studied ceramics, he participated in public exhibitions, solo exhibitions, and group exhibitions. His works meditates upon the origin of pottery: the interplay between the nature and clay. Read more about his Sea God "Watatsumi" series.
  • In the Studio with Higashida Shigemasa

    A visit to see what's next: Field notes from Beatrice in Tokyo
    by Kristie Lui
    In the Studio with Higashida Shigemasa
  • A Note on Artist Seal Connoisseurship

    Reading Murata Gen's seals
    by Kristie Lui

    Did you know? Murata Gen 村田 元(1904-1988) used three different seals during his lifetime. Read more to understand the three types of seals he used and why. 

  • Intangible Heritage: Asia Week

    A Recap of AWNY 2023 in pictures
    by Kristie Lui
    Intangible Heritage: Asia Week
  • Ikebana & Mihara Ken 三原研

    Flowers in the City
    by Kristie Lui
    Ikebana & Mihara Ken 三原研

    We're delighted to collaborate once again with Ikebana designer Eriko Nagata (EriN Design International), to present Mihara Ken's flower vessel. Read more about his work here. 

  • Notes on Suzuki Osamu

    Sodeisha, Space, and Suzuki's New Jar
    by Kristie Lui
    Notes on Suzuki Osamu
  • Sweeping winds

    Musings on the Shigaraki art of Koyama Yasuhisa
    by Kristie Lui
    Sweeping winds
  • Kitamura Junko

    Works in Vertigo
    by Kristie Lui
    Kitamura Junko
    Exploring the detailed work of Kitamura Junko.
  • Mirror, mirror, mochi

    New Years Kagamimochi
    by Kristie Lui
    Mirror, mirror, mochi

    “Kagami Mochi” is a traditional Japanese New Years decoration. It translates to "mirror mochi" or "mirror rice cake". Where does it come from? What does it mean? Let us explore its symbolism. 

  • The Legacy of Mingei & Murata Gen

    The social art history of Murata Gen's pottery
    by Kristie Lui
    The Legacy of Mingei & Murata Gen

    While we are excited to see new artists emerging on the stage of Japanese ceramic scene, we pause, and examine those who pioneered in the field; who looked into their own humble roots to be inspired. This is the work of Murata Gen, of Mashiko & Mingei...