• Murata Gen: The Heart's Eye

    As Featured in Ceramics Now Magazine
    Murata Gen: The Heart's Eye
    Read our Murata Gen and Mashiko exhibition article as featured in Ceramics Now Magazine.
  • by Beatrice Lei Chang
    Murata Gen 村田 元
    On the occasion of the opening of "Murata Gen: The Heart's Eye", read the Foreword to our online exhibition catalog for our Murata Gen debut solo exhibition in North America. Browse the artist's works on our website.
  • A Note on Artist Seal Connoisseurship

    Reading Murata Gen's seals
    by Kristie Lui

    Did you know? Murata Gen 村田 元(1904-1988) used three different seals during his lifetime. Read more to understand the three types of seals he used and why. 

  • The Legacy of Mingei & Murata Gen

    The social art history of Murata Gen's pottery
    by Kristie Lui
    The Legacy of Mingei & Murata Gen

    While we are excited to see new artists emerging on the stage of Japanese ceramic scene, we pause, and examine those who pioneered in the field; who looked into their own humble roots to be inspired. This is the work of Murata Gen, of Mashiko & Mingei...

  • by Beatrice Lei Chang
    The Montgomery Collection

    We’re delighted to announce that the important collector of Japanese ceramics, and our friend Mr. Jeffrey Montgomery will be exhibiting his collection of over 250 Japanese folk crafts in ceramic, wood, fabric, and lacquer mediums. Coming up this October, it will be the first major and extensive exhibitions of Japanese folk craft, including Mingei wares from Mashiko, outside of Japan in the last 50 years. It showcases the importance of the Montgomerey collection. The upcoming exhibition in the Museo Delle Culture in Lugano will showcase pieces that have passed through Dai Ichi Arts in recent years.