• Ceramic Frontiers, Sodeisha & Shikokai in Post-war Japanese Art

    Ceramic Frontiers

    Sodeisha & Shikokai in Post-war Japanese Art 12 - 28 March 2024

    On the occasion of Asia Week New York: In the landscape of mid-20th century Japan, two significant sculptural ceramic movements, Sodeisha and Shikokai, emerged concurrently during the post-war period. Dai Ichi Arts is thrilled to present a landmark exhibition this March that illuminates the richness of these historical movements, offering a distinctive lens through which to explore "Post-war" ceramics from Japan.


    This exhibition unveils a curated collection of masterpieces by renowned artists integral to the Shikokai and Sodeisha canon in Japanese ceramic art history. Among the luminaries featured are Hayashi Yasuo, Suzuki Osamu, Kumakura Junkichi, Yagi Kazuo, Yamada Hikaru, Fujimoto Yoshimichi, and other influential figures that defined this pivotal period in Japanese ceramic art.

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      Ito Shin 伊藤信
      Ash Glazed Jar 灰文壺