Miyamura Hideaki 宮村 秀明 Japanese, b. 1955

The Japanese-born American Studio potter MIYAMURA Hideaki has an innovative contemporary vision for his functional ceramics. His surfaces possess a nacreous, iridescent quality stemming from the artist’s interest in Ancient Chinese decorative arts, from bronzes, to stoneware, to ceramics. His interest in a plethora of surface textures has led him to experiment extensively and create glazes that mindfully convey contemporary purity, while also recalling the heritage of Japanese pottery. As a student of the ceramicist Shurei Miura in Japan’s Yamanashi prefecture, he had experimented with over 10,000 glaze formulas to develop the unique visual quality of his glazes. He is driven by the pursuit of clarity and simplicity in his forms, while also influenced by his risk-taking streak in his artistic process in his experimentation of creating various glaze formulas.