Passages Through Time: New York Asia Week Spring 2021

11 - 31 March 2021

Japanese ceramics occupy a central position in the arts of Japan. Its contemporary revival rooted in the preservation and continuous reinterpretation of production methods from The Minister of Culture's designated "Living National Treasures" and Japan's Six Ancient Kilns. On the occasion of Asia Week 2021, Dai Ichi Arts’ Passages Through Time presents a timeline of ceramics works, presenting a full view of avant-garde ceramics from Japan. From the Post-War period to the works of Contemporary Masters, the collection moves through time, reinvigorating, remaking, and reflecting. 


On the occasion of this exhibition, Dai Ichi Arts has published their first bi-annual exhibition catalogue that higlights the works in photographic detail, with a foreword and accompanying descriptions written by Beatrice Lei Chang and edited by Kristie Lui. 


Exhibition photographic and videography credited to Josh Spector photography.