Museum Acquisition: Isezaki Jun

Announcement of the acquisition of Isezaki Jun's Bizen jar by the permanent collections of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
October 19, 2023
Museum Acquisition: Isezaki Jun

We are thrilled to announce that a stunning Hidasuki Bizen jar crafted by the renowned artist Isezaki Jun has found its permanent place within the esteemed collections of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.


This remarkable piece of art was exhibited earlier this year during our March exhibition "Intangible Heritage", which featured the extraordinary works of Living National Treasures. We are delighted at the opportunity this offers to visitors who will be able to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Bizen ware by visiting the museum, which proudly calls the University of Oregon its home.


Bizen ceramics have had the honor of being associated with five distinguished Living National Treasures throughout its storied history. The most recent recipient of this esteemed designation is Isezaki Jun, a title bestowed upon him in 2004.



The exquisite jar boasts a decoration technique emblematic of Bizen ware's intricate and labor-intensive craftsmanship. In this instance, the Hidasuki firing technique takes center stage. Hidasuki is a method achieved by enveloping the pottery in rice-straw cords saturated with seawater before subjecting it to the intense heat of the kiln. During the firing process, these cords combust, while the salt content in the seawater interacts with the iron in the clay, giving rise to distinctive and often dynamic red stripes. This time-honored technique traces its origins back to the 16th century. In this particular piece, we witness a contemporary potter's adept hands breathing fresh life into this centuries-old tradition, bestowing upon it a modern interpretation.




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