Higashida Shigemasa 東田茂正 Japanese, b. 1955

Born in Hiroshima in 1955, Higashida Shigemasa is a distinguished Japanese ceramist renowned for his exceptional expertise in Oribe and Shino pottery. Higashida's journey into the world of ceramics took a remarkable turn when, previously employed as a salaryman, he encountered a Buddhist fortune teller in Kyoto whose insights inspired him to embrace ceramic craftsmanship as his life's calling. Inspired by the ceramics of the renowned Mino ceramic maestro, Hayashi Shotaro, he honed his craft and currently resides and creates in Tokyo. His creative vision melds traditional Japanese pottery techniques with contemporary artistry, offering a unique perspective that captivates enthusiasts.


In Higashida's artistic realm, he not only excels in Oribe and Shino styles but also ventures into the Kiseto aesthetic and explores the nuances of Kuro-Oribe. His ceramic canvases metamorphose into dramatic plates and monumental boxes, where brilliant turquoise glazes intricately navigate verdant terrains. These vibrant landscapes evoke the untamed grandeur of mountains and cliffs, with dynamic surfaces and undulating peaks. The juxtaposition of this rugged topography with the tranquil stillness of the pooled blue glaze invites contemplation, creating moments of serenity amidst the visual journey across his creations. Higashida's artistry achieves a natural and spontaneous allure, underpinned by impeccable technical mastery.


Higashida's elegant Oribe and Shino ceramic masterpieces have garnered acclaim from collectors and connoisseurs, earning recognition through extensive exhibitions in Japan and internationally. Prestigious venues such as Gallery Miyasaka, Takashimaya, Sogo, and Wako, have proudly showcased his work. He has been exhibited extensively in Japan and overseas, and in the west in both solo & group exhibitions. For over 25 years, Dai Ichi Arts has been privileged to feature his creations, and admiration for his stunning ceramics continues to grow.