Suzuki Goro 鈴木五郎 Japanese, b. 1941

“Oribe keeps developing. It never stayed in one place. So I create whatever comes to my mind, one after another. I never stop. I feel like I’m playing with clay. The playfulness makes one’s life interesting.” - Suzuki Goro

Born in Aichi in 1941, Suzuki Goro is a contemporary ceramic artist famous for his Oribe, Shino, and Kiseto wares. Stylistically playful, Suzuki's artworks tap into the pictorially decorative side of Oribe-yaki. The geometric and organic designs on a burnt orange field coupled with areas of rich green glaze are all hallmarks of his works. Despite this, Suzuki resists a complete characterization, as he constantly experiments with color and form. Indeed, his oeuvre consists of both Shino and Oribe wares, mastering both in highly decorative capacities. Suzuki works in both sculptural and functional capacities. His art is experimental, and showcases a youthful and quirky approach to Mino and Seto ceramics.