Suzuki Goro 鈴木五郎 Japanese, b. 1941

Born in 1941 in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan, Suzuki Goro has brought a fresh and innovative perspective to the world of classical Oribe ware. The renowned Japanese master ceramist specializes in the time-honored Oribe style, which originated in the 17th century and is characterized by its rustic design elements, featuring imaginative combinations of squares, rectangles, and circles, enhanced by the application of a flowing green glaze.


Goro Suzuki's artistic prowess shines through in his ability to manipulate clay with mastery and create ceramics characterized by a rustic and unpretentious aesthetic. Highly regarded by collectors in Japan and beloved by artists and connoisseurs in the West, Suzuki has enjoyed a career spanning over four decades, evolving from his early days as a production potter to his current status as a revered master ceramist.


Among his most acclaimed techniques are his Oribe, Yobitsugi, and “Goribe" pieces. Inspired by the wonders of nature, including crows, plants, cars, dogs, and more, these motifs come to life under Suzuki's skillful hand, adorning the surfaces of his ceramics with their graceful presence. Suzuki's playful creativity leads him to blend different clays and styles, resulting in a unique fusion he aptly dubs "Goribe." The term "Goribe 五利部" is a clever amalgamation of "go五" from Goro, "ri 利" from Rikyu, and "be 部" from Oribe. This innovative approach allows him to beautifully showcase the various textures through the use of clay and firing techniques.


Suzuki's delightful creations seamlessly unite diverse traditional styles into single, awe-inspiring ceramic pieces. The harmonious coexistence of distinct styles, under Suzuki's expert guidance, renders his Goribe works among the most original contributions to contemporary ceramics.