Shingu Sayaka Artist Biography

Born in Osaka in 1979, Shingu Sayaka is a contemporary ceramic artist based in Osaka, Japan. She is well-known in and outside Japan for her ceramic flower sculptures, though she creates both functional and sculptural works. Her pieces feature monochromatic mixed clay with slip and glaze. Shingu takes on floral motifs as a metaphor for impermanence, ephemerality, and fleeting beauty. Flowers are an ever lasting theme for artists, most notable in the west are the works of Robert Mapplethorpe and Georgia O'Keeffe to name a few. She is a female potter in a male-dominated ceramic industry. 




Anadole University Museum, Eskisehir, Turkey


1979   Born in Osaka
2001   B.F.A. Osaka University of Arts
2005   Gallery Maronie, Kyoto
2007    Asahi Ceramic Exhibition
2010   Silver Shell, Tokyo

  • INAX Galleria Ceramica, Tokyo

2011   INAX Live Museum, Tokoname
2013    Gallery Suchi, Tokyo ('10)

  • Rokurokudo, Kyoto
  • Utsuwakana, Kyoto ('11)

2014   ENTOREZ, Kobe