Kim Hono 金憲鎬 b. 1958








Since childhood, I have loved to create and draw.

I often explored the mountains nearby:

Such were the peaceful days of my childhood.

I think that is what made me who I am today.

Creating artwork is creating myself.

I am grateful to my artistic practice for allowing me to meet all kinds of people.

Born in 1958 to a Korean family in the ancient kiln-town of Seto, Aichi prefecture, Kim Hono grew up surrounded by potters and pottery. An encounter with Oribe ceramics from the Momoyama period inspired him to devote his life to ceramics. Beloved among collectors and connoisseurs alike, His work reflects his imaginative personality through hand-built forms and expressive surface decoration.


Kim’s ceramics are varied and defy tidy categorization. A humanist warmth and sense of humor is very apparent in much of his ceramic work. The imaginative, mostly hand-built forms and expressive surface decoration found speak of a childlike playfulness and sense of mischief. Tea pots, jars, and cups that seem ready to crawl across the room at a moment’s notice; jars with delightful surface decoration immediately catch one’s attention. Kim has crafted enchanting ceramic objects that yield a compelling formula of joy, humor and play: He treats clay as a canvas for the play of his brush: surface treatments encompass rugged monochromatic finishes, multicolored abstract designs, whimsical line drawings, and motifs from the natural world.