Soil to Splendor: The Art of Wood-Fired Ceramics from Japan

8 - 22 February 2024

Yakishime, or, more precisely, ceramics that are unglazed wares fired at extremely high temperatures, stand as a testament to one of the most ancient methods of pottery production in Japan. The tradition embodied in these primordial wares continues unbroken to this day. This exhibition focuses on modern and contemporary interpretations of this primordial craft, where the essence of ash and clay is reignited through new forms steeped in tradition.


This group exhibition invites viewers to savor the aesthetics of "Earthen tastes," or "Tsuchi-Aji" through Yakishime ceramics from Japan. Exhibited artists include: Kohara Yasuhiro, Isezaki Jun, Sugimoto Sadamitsu, Mori Togaku, Tsujimura Shiro, Shimizu Keiichi, Yabe Shunichi, and more.