Yasuhara Kimei Solo Exhibition

12 - 28 September 2023

Dai Ichi Arts is delighted to present “Object, Vessel: Ikebana Sogetsu, Yasuhara Kimei, and the Art of Japanese ceramics” on the September 2023 occasion of Asia Week New York. This exhibition focuses on the symbiotic relationship between the ceramic works of Japanese potter Yasuhara Kimei and the Ikebana Sogetsu school in Japan.


Little known in the west, Yasuhara Kimei (1906-1980) was one of Japan's most avant-garde ceramic artists of the 20th century. His ceramic work inspired the innovative floral artists of the famous Ikebana Sogetsu school and produced a transcendental impact on modern potters and Ikebana artists alike in Japan that has lasted generations. This exhibition is the first to present an extensive collection of Yasuhara Kimei’s profound ceramic vessels alongside his contemporaries in the west. 


Read the digital exhibition catalog here