Modern Masters: Objects of Affection

1 - 28 February 2022

This February, we are pleased to present a group of works by Modern Masters of Japanese ceramics, surrounding the theme “Objects of Affection.” From small sake cups, tea bowls that rest tenderly in one’s hands, to recent masterpieces by potters, we are glad to present a group of delightful objects to accompany you this February. The exhibition will feature a group of sake cups by Living National Treasures (SHIMAOKA Tatsuzo 島岡達三(1919-2007) LNT 人間国宝, ARAKAWA Toyozo 荒川豊蔵 (1894-1985),  LNT 人間国宝, KAMODA Shoji 加守田章二 (1933-1983) LNT 人間国宝, MIWA Kyusetsu 十一代 三輪休雪(1910-2012) LNT 人間国宝 and more), Tea bowls by potters who have artful and innovative interpretations of traditional glazes (ICHIKAWA Toru 市川 透 (b. 1973), ISEZAKI Koichiro 伊勢﨑晃一朗 (b. 1974). We will be updating this exhibition throughout the month of February with new pieces- stay tuned, or get in touch with us to preview the show today!