Returning to the Earth: Ion Fukazawa

13 May - 3 June 2021

Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. is delighted to introduce rising star and Tajimi-based artist Ion Fukazawa's series: "Returning to the Earth" to our gallery space this May. Ion's works interrogate the difference between artificial and natural forms. In an era when human activity spans almost all the surfaces of the Earth, what is the formal difference between nature and artifice? What is our role in defining our current Anthropocene? Ion interrogates these questions through his wheel-thrown sculptures. Interested in Kogei (Japanese traditional craft) and having been taught by Harumi Nakashima, his fascination with the ceramic form and tradition took flight. His works now return to materiality, interrogating its fundamental elements through his sculptural series.


This exhibition highlights the artist's recent series "Returning to the Earth", while highlighting works of art by ceramicists whose techniques and styles he has inherited, all of which highlight the Earthbound materiality of clay.