Whispering Ash: New York Asia Week Fall 2019: Yakishime 焼締

5 - 20 September 2019

Yakishime is an unglazed ceramic that has been fired in a wood or any other kind of kiln. Directly translating to fire-tight, yakishime 焼締 draws on the concept of Wabi-sabi and Japan’s history. These unglazed works feature dry, unadorned surfaces that perfectly embody wabi-sabi’s reverence for natural imperfection. Yakishime gave post-war Japanese artists new creative pathways while blending beautifully with traditions like the tea aesthetic. Yakishime: Whispering Ash presents works by TSUJIMURA Shiro 辻村史郎, KANESHIGE Kosuke 金重晃介, ISEZAKI Jun 伊勢崎淳,TANI Q 谷穹, YOKOYAMA Naoki 横山直樹, YAMAMOTO Izuru 山本出, TSUJIMURA Kai 辻村塊, SHIMIZU Keichi 清水圭一, and KOHARA Yasuhiro 小原康裕, among others. This fall exhibition shows artists moving beyond the realities of the post-war era, revising traditions of modern art to make clay sing and ash dance upon its surfaces.