Isezaki Jun 伊勢崎淳 b. 1936

As the current bearer of the Living National Treasure title for Bizen-yaki, his natural wood ash firings produces the unique colorization of Bizen clay, a hallmark of the Bizen tradition. 

Isezaki Jun is known for having revived the anagama (Single chamber firing) in 1961. The anagama is a type of single-chamber tunnel-like kiln that is dug into a hillside. It’s a firing method that suits natural wood-ash firing, from which successful results are a result of both careful design and fortuitous chance. His works reflect this duality in his planned patterning which frequently takes on a modern, geometric quality, as well as the subtle surface qualities in traditional Bizen clay. Isezaki’s commitment to the constant renewal of Bizen tradition earned him the title of Living National Treasure in 2004.