Sugimoto Sadamitsu 杉本貞光 Japanese, b. 1935

1935 Born in Tokyo, Japan.

1956 Graduated from Konan High School, Department of Ceramics

1968 Built an anagama kiln in the mountains of Shigaraki and began making tea ceremony pottery Shigaraki and reliefs

1974 Received instruction from Master Tachibana Daikame of Daitokuji Temple

    Made a relief for the Okinawa Ocean Expo

1979 Began research and production of Iga tea pottery

    Held solo exhibitions at Daitokuji Temple, Nyoi-an, and Nihonbashi, Tokyo

1981 Researches and produces a black tea bowl in the style of Chojiro and a red tea bowl in the   style of Koetsu

1985 Researches and produces Koraimono, Ido, and Kohiki

1991 Holds his first solo exhibition in the United States at Rockefeller Center Gallery Zero

1992 Works were acquired by the Yugi Museum of Art

1993 Produced and exhibited Well, Powdered Wood, and Koraimono

    Held his first solo exhibition in Germany at Gallery Fred Hahn Studio, Munich

1994 His works were acquired by the Yale University Art Museum, USA

1995 Started to make sculptures with natural ash glaze

1999 Discovered the old Shigaraki clay

2000 Rediscovered and researched old Shigaraki clay, and presented my work

2002 Dedication of Ido Tea Bowl as a commemoration of the Jinzan period at Kenninji Temple, Kyoto

2003 Exhibited his works at the Korea-Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, and his works were placed in the collection

2005 Work was collected by the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga, Japan

2006 Built a special anagama kiln for Iga ware

2008 Work was collected by the Clark Center for the Study of Japanese Art and Culture, USA

2011 Solo exhibition of Soba and Iraho at Nomura Art Museum, Tokyo

2012 His works were exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA