Hamada Shoji 濱田庄司 Japanese, 1894-1978

1894 Born, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 

1916 Tokyo Technical College, Ceramics Department 

1916-1920 Kyoto Municipal Ceramic Laboratory 

1920-1924 Joined Bernard Leach at the St. Ives Pottery, Cornwall, England 

1924 Married Kazue Kimura 

1924 Established a pottery, Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 

1926 Founder of Japanese Craft Society (Mingei-kai.) 

1952-1953 Culture tour through the United States and Europe 

1955 Named Living National Treasure 

1964 Japanese Medal of Honour with Purple Ribbon 

1967 Honorary Doctorate, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 

1968 Okinawa Times Prize 1969 Honorary Citizenship to Mashiko 

1973 Honorary Doctorate, King‟s College, London 

1973-1977 President, Japan Folk Crafts Museum 

1974 Established Mashiko Reference Collection in Mashiko 

1976 Cultural Prize Award, Kawasaki, Japan 

1978 Passed away in Mashiko, Japan