Miwa Ryosaku 三輪龍作 b. 1940

1940 Born in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the eldest son of Kyusetsu Miwa, 11th


1959 To fulfill artistic aspirations, begins painting

          Looks to Munck and the writings of Tanizaki and Dazai for inspiration

1967 Completed graduate training at the Department of Ceramics, Tokyo National University 

of Arts and Music

1968 Solo exhibition, Ryusaku Miwa: Graceful Desires, Ichibankan Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

1970 Solo exhibition, Ryusaku Miwa: Liquid of Love, Ichibankan Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Japanese Ceramics: An invitational Exhibition, Los Angeles,Scripts University

Contemporary Ceramics, Europe and Japan Exhibition,The National Museum of Modern

Art, Kyoto , Japan

1971 Contemporary Ceramics, USA,Canada, Japan Exhibition,The National Museum of 

Modern Art, Kyoto , Japan

Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, Organized by The Mainichi News Papers

Following exhibition throughout Japan, totaling exhibits in the USA, Canada

1972 Solo exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa," Lui Gallery, Kokura

1977 Awarded a prize at "Faenza International Ceramics Exhibition", Italy

1978 Solo exhibition, Human Series, Aoki Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Published The Works of Ryusaku Miwa, Aoki Gallery

1979Exhibits" Persons from an Ancient Time" in The Contemporary Japanese Sculpture

Exhibition, Ube

Become a member, The International Academy of Ceramics

Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

1980 From Pottery to the Plastic Arts Exhibition, Otsu,Ikebukuro, Seibu

Solo exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa," Hara Gallery, Shimodate, Tokyo

1981 Yamaguchi Contemporary Arts Exhibition, The Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art

Contemporary Ceramics of the World Exhibition, Kyushu Ceramics Culture Museum

Solo exhibition, First Flowering,Nihonbashi,Mitsukoshi

1982 Contemporary Ceramics- Traditional and Avand Garde Exhibition, Suntory Museum 

of Art

One hundred Contemporary Tea Bowls, rotating exhibit sponsored by the Yomiuri News 


Exploring the New Potentials of Clay and Fire Exhibition, The Yamaguchi Prefectural

Museum of Art

Solo exhibition, Black Vistas, Nihonbashi, Mitsukoshi 

1983Today Japanese Ceramics Exhibition, Washington,London 

Contemporary Japanese Arts Exhibition,Geneva

Japan Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Mainichi News Paper 

Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition 

New Leader's Exhibition, Kokogen, Tokyo

Three Contemporary Ceramic Artists Exhibition, Keio Department store

Solo exhibition, "Shufu" ,Seibu Takanawakai, Tokyo

1984Solo exhibition, White Peaks, Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi

Contemporary Ceramics: Five Artists Exhibition, Okayama, Tokyo

1985Published by Kyuryudo a collection of essays "Flames, Myself  and the Lip

Solo exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: Etude of Youth," Gallery Saitoan, Hagi, Tokyo

Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition


1986 Solo exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa Small Works Exhibition," Keio Department Store, 

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: The Heaven, The Earth, and Human beings," Keio

Department Store, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Contemporary Ceramics, Tottori Prefectural Museum

1987Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

1988Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: Liquid of LoveⅡ, Gallery Saitoan, Hagi

Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: Himiko," Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo, Kyoto 

and Osaka

Suntory Museum of Art Grand Prize Exhibition, Suntory Museum of Art

1989  Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

Received Japanese Ceramics Association Award

1990 Solo exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: The Mountain of Himiko," Keio Department Store, 

Shinjuku, Tokyo

The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Contemporary Ceramics, Tottori Prefectural Museum

1991 The International Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, Museum of Contemporary 

Ceramic Art, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Solo Exhibition, Ryusaku Miwa: The Scripture of Himiko, Yurakucho, Seibu

Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

Solo Exhibition, "Ceramic and Script," Okazaki Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

1992 Modern Oribe: Flock of Basara, The Sogetsu Art Museum

58 Contemporary Ceramic Artists in Japan,Espace des Arts Mitsukoshi Etoile

Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: The One," Gallery Saitoan, Hagi, Tokyo

Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: A Sequel to The Scripture of Himiko,Yurakucho, Seibu

The Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Exhibition, New York, Everson Museum of Art

1993Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: For Flowers," Keio Department Store, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

Contemporary Ceramics 1950-1990, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art 

Contemporary Ceramics  Works: Utsuwa, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

Solo Exhibition, Ryusaku Miwa : Flowering on precipice, Nagoya, Matsuzakaya

1994 Solo Exhibition, Ryusaku Miwa: Ceramic Art of Eros and Death, Shimonoseki City Art 


Solo Exhibition, Himiko Series, Taigado, Kyoto, Japan

1995Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa Black Pottery: Knight's Rest," Mitsukoshi Department 

Store, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

1996 "History of Miwagama Tradition and Innovation," Matsuzakaya Museum, Nagoya

Solo Exhibition, "Tea Room: The Aesthetics of Ryusaku Miwa," Hagi Art Museum, 

Yamaguchi, Japan

Solo Exhibition, "The World of Ryusaku Miwa," Okayama Tenmaya Department Store, 

Okayama, Japan

1997 Solo Exhibition, "On the Auspicious Bird - Ryusaku Miwa Exhibition," Daimaru, Fukuoka

Solo Exhibition, "The Soft Sea," Hagi Art Museum, Yamaguchi, Japan

1998 Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa, Hagi, Tea Pottery Exhibition," Keio, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2000 Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku and Ryukisho Miwa Exhibition," Mitsukoshi Department Store, 

Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Solo Exhibition, "Ryusaku Miwa: The New Century, Takashimaya Department Store, 


2001 Three Artists from Miwagama: Kyusetsu, Ryusaku and Kazuhiko, Matsuzakaya 390th 

Anniversary, Matsuzakaya Main Store, Ueno Store, Osaka Store