Terraform: Depictions of Earth in Japanese Ceramics from 1970

Asia Week Fall 2021 Catalogue
Beatrice Lei Chang, 2021

Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. is delighted present our fall exhibition “Terraform: Depictions of Earth in Japanese Ceramics from 1970” on the occasion of the fall 2021 iteration of Asia Week New York.


The exhibition brings focus to Japanese ceramics that play upon the theme “Terraform.” Curated into two parts, the first group of works is bound by the theme “Memories of the Earth”, articulating the relationship between time, memory, earth, and clay. The sculptural forms from the ceramicists Suzuki Osamu 鈴木 藏 (b. 1934, LNT), Hiruma Kazuyo 昼馬 和代 (b. 1947), and Hayashi Shotaro 林 正太郎 (b. 1947) in this group respond to the wonders of the natural landscape in their work. The second group of works surrounds “Earthen Images”, tying together representations of the earth via image, pictorial forms, and surfacescape from the ceramic works of Murata Gen 村田 元 (1904-1988) and Wakao Toshisada 若尾 利貞 (b. 1933).


From form to image, this exhibition enquires into the literal, affectual, sculptural and representational ways that clay may be used to envision the earth. This exhaustive catalogue includes detailed images, essays, and object metadata of the exhibition works.


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