Murata Gen: The Heart's Eye

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition catalog of the first ever solo exhibition of Mashiko ceramic artist Murata Gen in North America. Celebrating collectors of Mingei in America, and the Folk-Craft legacies of Modern Japan.


Dai Ichi Arts is delighted to present the first ever solo exhibition of the works of Mingei artist Murata Gen in North America. The show explores the plethora of vessels & functional forms Murata created, with an emphasis on his sensitivity for painted clay surfaces. “Murata Gen: The Heart’s Eye” illustrates an affectual and emotional side of Mingei craft expression through the works of Murata Gen alongside the works of his contemporaries (Shimaoka Tatsuzo, Hamada Shoji, Kawai Kanjiro, Matsuzaki Ken, and more) in modern & contemporary Japan. 

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