SOLD | HIRUMA Kazuyo | Box “Memory of Blue”

HIRUMA Kazuyo 昼馬和代(1947- Born in Osaka, Works in Osaka)
Box “Memory of Blue” 陶筥・青い記憶, 2010
H3” x D13.9” x W11.6”, H8 x D35.5 x W29.5cm

Public Collection:

Wellington city, New Zealand
Japanese Embassy, New Zealand
Wellington Potters Association, New Zealand
New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
Sakai City, Osaka
Amashin Museum 

1947   Born in Osaka
1976-98  Studied Ceramics under MIZUNO Seiki and Hisano
1978-98  Member of Joryu Tougei (Women’s Association of Ceramic Art)
1979  Received Award at Sakai City Exhibition
1994  Participated in Kyoto Craft Exhibition
1998  Built her own studio in Osaka
         Invited to exhibition at Museum of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand 
  Solo exhibition at Chayamachi gallery, Osaka
1999  Solo exhibition at Art Space Fujikawa, Osaka
2002  Organized Sakai Pottery Association
2005  Published brochure “Kazuyo Hiruma’s Selection”
         Four-person show at Chayamachi Gallery, Osaka
2007  Art Residency program and had show at Wellington, New Zealand 
2009  Solo exhibition at Amashin Museum, Amagasaki, Hyogo
2010  Solo exhibition at Yuragi Gallery, Kyoto
2011  Two-person show, Nanko ATC Gallery, Osaka
         Expo Culture Quebec & Japan - Saint Sauveur, Canada
        Participated in Kikuchi Biennale, Musee Tomo Museum, Tokyo
        Participated in International Ceramics Festival, Mino
2012  Solo exhibition at Important Cultural Property Yamaguchi's Residence, Sakai, Osaka
         Received the Encouragement Award at Kyoto Newspaper Prize
         Solo exhibition at Yakimono Gallery, Kyoto
2013  Received the Encouragement Award at Kobe Biennale
2014  Solo Exhibition at Takashimaya Department Store NEXT gallery, Osaka
2015  Received Grand Prize at the 25th Institute of Arts and Crafts Exhibition
         Solo exhibition at Amashin Museum, Amagasaki, Hyogo
2016  Sakai yaki Tea Bowl Exhibition, Osaka
         Solo Exhibition at LADS Gallery, Osaka
2017  Received the Encouragement Prize at the 27th Crafts and Arts Nikkoukai Exhibition
2018   Received the Encouragement Prize at the 28th Crafts and Arts Nikkoukai Exhibition 

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