GOTO Hideki | Shino Tea Bowl No.9

GOTO Hideki 後藤秀樹(1973- )
Shino Tea Bowl No.9 志野茶盌, 2019
H4.7” x W6.1” x D6.1”, H12 x W15.5 x D15.5cm
With Signed Wood Box

Public Collection:
Phoenix Art Museum, AZ, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Minokamo City Museum

1973   Born in Miyagi
1997   Finished Tajimi Technical High School
             Selected, The 5th Nissin Food Products Contemporary Pottery Noodle Bowl Exhibition
2008   Selected, Oribe’s Heart Exhibition
2012   Selected, The 39th Mino Ceramic Art Exhibition
              Incentive Prize at The 19th Shorku Prize
              Traveling exhibition in USA (-19)
2014   Selected, The 10th International Ceramic Competition, Mino
2016   Selected, The 9th Contemporary Tea Ceremony Ceramic Ware Exhibition
             Group Exhibition at Mino Ceramic Art Museum
2017   Group Exhibition at Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
2019   Two Person show at Takashimaya Department Store, Nagoya

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