SUZUKI Goro | Oribe Tea Bowl

H3.5” x D5.3”x W5.6”, H9.1 x W13.6 x D14.2cm
Oribe glazed stoneware
Signed Go 五 at the back

Suzuki Goro 鈴木五郎(1941- Works in Aichi) is the most unrestrained of today's Oribe artists. He seems to grandly distort everything he touches, and his wild imagination and childlike disposition can be found in his playful painted decorations. These include comic strip cats, birds, dogs, and other doodles. Goro digs his own clay, mixes his own glaze, and draws on his works as he wishes. He has said:

"Oribe keeps developing. It never stayed at one place. So I create whatever comes to my mind, one after another. I never stop. I feel like I'm praying with clay. The playfulness makes one's life interesting."

A visit to his daughter in Los Angeles inspired him to create his Los Oribe series. What if Furuta Oribe was still alive? Surely he would have gotten on a plane and travelled to foreign countries, and many things from his travels would have inspired him. Suzuki Goro drew inspiration from his home country, such as winter melons that in his hand feel just as lively as the real ones in the fields.

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