SAKURAI Yasuko | Oval Vertical 3

SAKURAI Yasuko 櫻井靖子 (1969-)
Oval Vertical 3
H9” x D8.8” x W14.5”, H22.8 x D22.4 x W37.2cm

This incredible piece was molded around a set of bundled tubes, which were trimmed by the artist to the desired shape and then removed after firing. The result resembles the microscopic structure of bones, a likeness reinforced by the crisp, chalky white of the unglazed ceramic. The composition of the piece is neither chaotic nor uniform, but, like nature, adheres to an internal structural system. The play of light through the various openings in the surface enlivens the piece and enhances the viewing experience. Indeed, the viewer is rewarded when moving around the piece, as its unique structure appears to change dramatically with each new angle. As a female artist, the creator of this piece overcame great institutional disadvantages in order to thrive in the male-dominated field of ceramics. The road to success has been paved by a previous generation of women who fought for equality in arts education and in the art world, but even now the way is difficult. This piece embodies the organic coexistence of fragility and strength that is both found in nature and necessary for a successful ceramic work.

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