KANESHIGE Kosuke | Bizen Sculpture "Saint’s Garment" No.5

KANESHIGE Kosuke 金重晃介(1943- )

Bizen Sculpture "Saint’s Garment" No.5, 2004

H16” x W16.5” x D13”, H40.6 x W42 x D33cm


KANESHIGE Kosuke is a Bizen potter with a long family lineage, and a modernist sensibility. His Saint’s Garment flows with the quality of a textile, its wonderful softness exploiting the full plasticity of clay, and contrasting nicely with the rich, iron red-brown color characteristic of historical Bizen.

Starting with a conventional diamond-shaped vase, Kaneshige then carefully arranged slabs of clay around the form, creating voluptuous folds. When seen in the round, one can appreciate the beautiful complexity of the clay drapery: a variety of light and shaded areas: shapes that appear stable and others that are about to fall. The delicate parallel combed lines of the surfaces play against the luxuriant folds. Kosuke has achieved an exciting transformation by raising the banal image of textile to a monumental sculpture.



Selected Public Collections:

Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Suntory Museum, Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art

Ihara Municipal Museum of Art, Niimi Museum



1943     Born in Inbe, Bizen-city as a third son of KANESHIGE Toyo(1896-1967, Living National Treasure)

1968     Graduated from Tokyo Fine Art University

1970     Completed MFA program, Tokyo Fine Art University

1977     Return to Bizen after a lecture position at Tokai University

1982     Built own kiln in Bizen-city

1987     Award in Asahi Ceramic Exhibition

1994     Japan Ceramic Association Award

2005     Solo exhibition at Dai Ichi Arts, New York, U.S.A.

2006     “Contemporary Clay: Japanese Ceramics for the New Century”

            Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Japan Society, New York, U.S.A.

2007     Fired with passion: Contemporary Ceramics of Japan, Towson University Asian Arts Gallery,

              Center for the Arts, Maryland.

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