SOLD | FUJIOKA Shuhei | Iga Water Jar

FUJIOKA Shuhei 藤岡周平 (1947−)

Iga Water container 伊賀水指

H7.3" x Dia7.8", H18.5 x Dia19.8cm


With Signed Wood Box

This beautiful Iga water jar by artist Fujioka Shuhei(1947−) harnesses the wild aesthetics of its mountain source. The mountain clay contains high quantities of feldspar, which flows to the surface during the firing process to create textural white spots on the surface of the jar. Fujioka further accentuates the ruggedness of the piece with a rich ash glaze. This orange color, combined with shades of purple, green and grey, recalls the palette of nature. The form of the jar also captures the feel of natural forces, with its rough-hewn edges that could be something excavated from a mountainside. The artist's process begins with a thick hunk of clay, which he laboriously carves out with bamboo. Fujioka studied ceramics at the Aichi Vocational Training Institution for Cermaics from 1973-1974, and built his first kiln at Iga just a year later. His work is included in the collections of the New Orleans Museum of Art; the Contemporary Art Museum Ise, Mie; the Crueger Collection, Germany; and the Gitter-Yelen Collection, among others.

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