SOLD | ONODERA Gen | Suzu style Marbled clay Jar

Onodera Gen 小野寺玄(1934-2016)
Suzu style Marbled clay Jar 珠洲土練上手壷, 1978
H10.3” x Dia9”, H26.3 x Dia23.0cm
With Signed Wood Box


1934   Born in Hokkaido
1953   Graduated high school, and entered Bunka Gakuin
1956   Studied under KITAOJI Rosanjin 北大路魯山人
1962   Built his own kiln in Kanagawa
1973   Selected at Japan Togei Exhibition,  Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition
1977   Received a special award at the fourth Japan Ceramic Exhibition
1983   Received a special award at the seventh Japan Ceramic Exhibition

          Received award at Japan Ceramic Society
2003  Participated to 50th anniversary of Japan Traditional Craft

Born in Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island, Onodera Gen trained in art school and apprenticed with Rosanjin before establishing his own kiln. He fell in love with early Japanese ceramics, going back as far as Sue ware. Onodera collects ancient shards and believes that black ware offers endless possibilities that are well-suited to the subdued, understated approach that he favors. He is a meticulous craftsman, keeping detailed documentation of his firings.

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