SOLD | TANI Q | Shigaraki Tea Bowl

TANI Q 谷穹(1977- )
Shigaraki Tea Bowl 信楽茶碗 B.
9.9 x 12.8cm
With Signed Wood Box

Seiuemon IV TANI
Born in 1908
From his childhood, he studied the ceramic tradition which is inherited from his fathers family.  During his study, he became interested in Old-Shigaraki ware, and started excavation of old kilns to collect examples of the style. Based on his connoisseur’s discerning eyes and knowledge, he established Anagama-kiln in 1970.  He tried to re-create the strong Old Shigaraki ware which is characterized by its fire-marks, burned effect, and natural ash glaze from wood-firing.

Origin of Shigaraki Ware

Shigaraki ware traces back its origin in Tempyo-era, when the Emperor Shomu built Shigaraki Palace, roof tiles and earthenware pipes were fired for its construction.  Later in Kamakura period, various functional pieces such as jars and water containers were started to be fired for the everyday use. When the tea ceremony came in fashion after Muromachi period, tea wares were developed according to the tea people’s taste.  There are styles named after some tea masters such as Jo-o Shigaraki, Rikyu Shigaraki, Sotan Shigaraki, Enshu Shigaraki.  Diverse objects for daily use such as tea caddies, small jars, tea bowls, hand-warmer pots, and large jars were produced.  As one of the Japan’s Six Ancient kilns, the tradition of beauty has been polished and succeeded throughout the history until today.  

Public Collection: 
Portland Museum

1977 Born in Shiga as a grandson of TANI Seiuemon
2000  Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design, Sculpture Department
          Became an assistant of Sculptor NAKAHASHI Katsushige中ハシ克シゲ
2001  Studied Ceramics under KITAMURA Jusan北村寿三
          Started working at Seiuemon 
2007   Built his first kiln
2008  “Gundaro” Old Saint Lukes Studio Gallery, Australia
2012  Built his one-room kiln
2013  Solo Exhibition at Gallery Toen, Shiga
2016  Group Exhibtion at Wad+ gallery, Osaka
2017  Two Person Show with Sculptor NAKAHASHI Katsushige at Galerie Ashiya Schule, Hyogo 

C.S. Jiang