SOLD | TAKEUCHI Kimiaki | Ash Glazed Small Jar

TAKEUCHI Kimiaki 竹内公明(1948-2011)
Ash Glazed Small Jar 灰釉小壷, 1978
H4.4” x Dia4.3”, H11.2 x Dia11cm 
With Signed Wood Box

TAKEUCHI Kimiaki 竹内公明(1948-2011) is an old master of Japanese ceramics from the city of Tokoname. He studied under EZAKI Issei 江崎一生(1918-1992) and helped revitalize Tokoname ware using local mountain clay and ash glaze. His forms are traditional, such as this wide-mouthed jar with a gorgeous green ash glaze. This lively color drips down from the shoulder of the vase, accentuating its elegant form. The wide mouth allows for a generous and spacious feel. This perfectly balanced vessel truly epitomizes the jar form, bringing together the beauty of earth and art.” 

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