YAMAGUCHI Makoto | Oribe Tea Bowl

YAMAGUCHI Makoto 山口真人(1978- )
Oribe Tea Bowl 織部茶碗
H3.4” x D4.7” x W4.9”, H8.8 x D12 x W12.6cm 
With Signed wood box

1978  Born in Seto, Aichi as sixth generation of ceramic family
2000  Studied under KATO Hiroshige
2007  Selected at Japan Dento Kogei Ten
2013  Solo Exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Toen, Tokyo
2015  Solo Exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store
2016  Solo Exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Toen, Tokyo
2017  Solo Exhibition at ATELIER HIRO, Osaka
2018  Solo Exhibition at Hankyu Department Store, Umeda
            Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi Department Store, Fukuoka
2019  Solo Exhibition at Takashimaya Department Store, Kyoto

YAMAGUCHI was born as the sixth generation of a traditional ceramic family in Seto. His father and SUZUKI
Goro did their apprenticeship under Kasen kiln, where YAMAGUCHI did his apprenticeship later. He grew up SUZUKI Goro, KANEKO Jun, and KOIE Ryoji visiting his parent’s home. He was inspired how those ceramicists were becoming ceramic artists, so did not take over his family title immediately after his four-year- apprenticeship, and rather pursued his dream becoming an individual artist.

YAMAGUCHI’s work looks very traditional, as he does Utsushiうつしwhich means “reproduction or copy from traditional piece, in order to study techniques.” As Yamaguchi thinks there’s too much ego in contemporary works, and one’s character supposed to arise naturally in any form, he is expressing himself in classic form. And still you can see the contemporariness and freshness in his pieces.

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