SOLD | KATO Tsubusa | Celadon Blue and White Small Vase

KATO Tsubusa 加藤委(1962- )

Celadon Blue and White Small Vase 染付壷, 2017

H6.6” x Dia5.3”, H17 x Dia13.6cm


With Signed Wood Box

KATO Tsubusa works exclusively in white porcelain clay and is known for his gorgeous celadon glaze. Here, he surprises his fans with a rich cobalt on white. He brings the same airy, delicate quality to this deeper blue that he has cultivated in celadon, but with this jar Kato evokes not the crisp blue of winter sunlight but the meditative depths of midnight. The jar maintains his signature organic form -- he delights in imperfections and irregularities -- rising up to a thin edge around a wide opening. The delicacy of this jar would be perfectly complemented by an artful arrangement of flowers.

 Kato accepts the challenge of working with clay in its most difficult, fragile form: long strips of clay supported at only one end. At the apex of the tall triangular body, one long strip reaches skyward and another, almost a continuation, points to the ground, like the outstretched arms of a ballerina. A better comparison is to the art of calligraphy. The long, vibrant strips of clay resemble calligraphic strokes. Energy. Pure energy in clay embodying dashing calligraphy. Kato’s homage to Japanese calligraphy

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