SOLD | AZUMA Kaori | Flower Vase -Kai

AZUMA Kaori 東香織 (1972- )

Flower Vase -Kai- 花器 かい, 2017

H11" x W13" x D11", H28 x W33.5 x D28cm


With Signed Wood Box


1972     Born in Kanagawa

2002     Studied under YAMAJI Kazuo 山路和夫

2004     Finished Forming course at Ibaragi Prefectural Ceramic Technical Center

    Studied under BABA Koji 馬場浩二

2006     Finished Glaze course at Ibaragi Prefectural Ceramic Technical Center

2008     Had her own studio in Kasama

2011     Selected at the 45th Female Ceramic Art Competition

2012     Selected at the 52nd East Japan Traditional Craft Competition

2013     Selected at the 22nd Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

    Selected at the first To-bi Exhibition

2015     Selected at the 33rd Chozaburo Tokoname Ceramic Competition

2016     Received a jury award at the 4th  To-bi Exhibition

2017     Participated a group exhibition “Contemporary tea ware 現代の茶陶” at Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

    Selected at the 7th Kikuchi biennale


Her motif is seashell. Because of her father’s job, she had moved a lot inside Japan while she’s growing up. However, she could found the same seashells no matter where she goes. Now she became a mother and goes to the beach with her child, those seashells reminds her own childhood.

Her forms are soft, organic, and quiet. However, you can see how much she cares about the details as she curves out seashell pattern with a needle.

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