MORINO Taimei | Rust Red Iron Glazed Flat Jar

MORINO Taimei  森野泰明 (1934-)
Rust Red Iron Glazed Flat Jar 黒銹扁壺, 2014
H9.6” x D11.5” x W13”
With Signed Wood Box

This master piece (2014) by Morino Taimei illustrates the artist's ultimate pursue to the Japanese concept of ma (間) which simultaneously encapsulates aspects of space, tempo, and rhythm. The asymmetry of this vessel, which is oval-shaped with an off-center opening, gives a feeling of movement that is accentuated by the lightness and lift of the hidden foot and the playful black patterns that dance across the rust red iron glazed surface. These patterns, partially inspired by Native American art that Morino encountered during his time teaching ceramics in the United States, have a distinct kind of rhythm. The artist hopes that viewers read between the lines, shapes, and dots that playfully stretch across the surface as one would read a piece of literature or poetry, and therefore come to better understand his work and its connection to ma. Morino's work is firmly rooted in the traditions of his native Kyoto, yet his exposure to international art trends during the four years he spent teaching at the University of Chicago in the 1960s and his awareness of more avant-garde Japanese practices both affected his work. This piece employs the black and red glazes reminiscent of traditional iron works on lacquer boxes and chests thereby translating that tradition into a new medium. Morino's work continues to combine tradition and innovation while expressing his dedication to the deeply complex concept of ma.

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