KOHARA Yasuhiro | Shigaraki Flower Vase

KOHARA Yasuhiro 小原康裕 (1954- Works in Shigaraki)
Shigaraki Flower Vase 花入
H11.4” x W4.9” x Dia 4.7”, H29 x W12.5 x Dia 12cm

OBJECT OF DESIRE:  90%  + 10% = 100%

            More than any other art, ceramics speak to the collector’s personal experience, taste, vision and creativity.  Certain Japanese ceramics can also challenge, test, and provoke thistaste and creativity, including the sensitive and engaging works of Yasuhiro Kohara. From the very first time when I visited Kohara, this self-taught, reserved Shigaraki potter told me that he only makes the 90% of the piece, leaving the remaining 10% to the person who buys the work.  His statement has only proved true as I put his pots to use holding food, flowers, or water: the more creative I become, the more I see the 90% + 10% equation. Pots made of Shigaraki clay are meant to be used from day one.  The feldspar in the mountain clay gives air to the finished product, and in the past they were used mainly for seeds and dry vegetables.  Only after the rise of the tea ceremony was Shigaraki’s rustic beauty discovered. Ceramicists developed this dry, natural, rustic wabi-sabiaesthetic, which seems as if it was born rather than made.  Flowers make the perfect companion for these organicShigaraki works—like a match made in nature.  There are many subtle colors hidden in the glaze that become apparent only in the presence of a flower, whose delicate nature perfectly balances the earthy, masculine Shigarakiclay. Aren’t you always taken by the food presentation and flower arrangements when you are in Japan?  Have you taken a second look at their utensils?  It is your time to contribute this 10%.  Let your imagination fly!!!

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