SOLD | MATSUDA Yuriko | Jar

MATSUDA Yuriko 松田百合子 (1943- )
Jar 壷
H14” x Dia15”, H35.4 x Dia38cm
With Signed Wood Box

A playful stand out in the group comes from talented MATSUDA Yuriko 松田百合子(1943- ). She has built this jar with her typical zest for color and pattern, as bold hues abut cheerful polka-dots and frilled flowers. Her dedication to pattern reveals an interest in Chinese Ming porcelain, Japanese Kutani ware, and the art of French painted Henri Matisse. Close looking reveals that this jar has been patched together from individual pieces of clay, a legacy of her early schooling in ceramics. During her time in art school in the 1960s, women were forbidden to learn the art of wheel throwing and kept from using the wood fire kilns. Yet Matsuda turned this disadvantage into a unique personal style. She pieces her works together, building them up like sculptural works, and continues to use an electric kiln. This jar is finished with brilliant gold handles in thick decorative scrolls. Its traditional shape provides a space for the artist’s brilliant experimentation.

SOLDC.S. Jiang