TAKIGUCHI Kazuo | Iron Glazed Sculpture Round

TAKIGUCHI Kazuo 滝口和男(1953- )
Iron Glazed Sculpture Round “Untitled” 無題, 2006
H15" x W16" x D15.5", H38.1 x W40.6 x D39.3cm
Iron Glazed Stoneware with Incision
With Signed Wood Box

  In his essay in Takiguchi Kazuo critic Kaneko Kenji refers to Takiguchi’s “taut rotundity” a particularly apt and descriptive phrase. The work is slab-constructed stoneware with a rich, black iron glaze, the organic forms calling to mind the work of Henry Moore. The surface is very beautiful, dynamic and sensitive, but the real story is the sense of internal action, with lots of movement and air inside the pieces, as if they were inhabited by an animal pumping and jumping to get out. The shapes are quite unexpected, with unusual, seemingly random bumps and protrusions, which nevertheless resolve into a harmonious whole.  

1953     Born in Kyoto
1974     Left Doshisha University, Economics department and enter Kyoto Municipal College of Arts
1978     Left Kyoto Municipal College of Arts
1984     Award in Japan New Crafts Exhibition
1985     Foreign Minister’s Award, Japan Ceramics Exhibition
              Award in Japan New Crafts Exhibition
1986     2nd Award, Chunichi International Ceramic Exhibition
            Governer’s Award, Kyoto Prefecture Craft Art Artist Association Exhibition
1987     Award in Chunichi International Ceramic Exhibition
1989     Grand Award, Prince Chichibu Cup, Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
               Kusube Yaichi Award, Kyoten Exhibition
1990     Award of Excellence, MOA Okada Mokichi Competition
            Grand Award, Kyoto Prefecture Arts & Crafts Exhibition
1991     Young Artists Award, Goto Memorial Foundation Award
            Grand Award, Japan Ceramics Corporation Award
1992     Finished Royal Academy of Arts, London
1996     Young Artists Award, Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award
2003     Contemporary Master Ceramics of Western Japan, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
2006   Asian Ceramic Delta
2007   Cheonaju International Craft Biennale in KOREA
2010      Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree:Paris
2013      Received Kyoto Cultural Prize
2015      Stayed in UK for one year

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