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kato tsubusa

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kato tsubusa 加藤委(1962- )



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Kato accepts the challenge of working with clay in its most difficult, fragile form: long strips of clay supported at only one end. At the apex of the tall triangular body, one long strip reaches skyward and another, almost a continuation, points to the ground, like the outstretched arms of a ballerina. A better comparison is to the art of calligraphy. The long, vibrant strips of clay resemble calligraphic strokes. Energy. Pure energy in clay embodying dashing calligraphy. Kato’s homage to Japanese calligraphy.




Public Collections

Aichi Prefecture Ceramic Museum, Kyoto Newspaper Company, The Art Institute of Chicago, Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani Institute of Technology, Brooklyn Museum, Tomo Museum, Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation, Gifu Prefecture Contemporary 

Ceramic Art Museum, River Retreat Garaku



1962             Born in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture

1979    Completed a training in Tajimi Municipal Ceramic Design Center

1983-4    Ceramics & People Exhibition, Yamanashi Prefectural Art Museum

1984    Became independent

    Participated in Asahi Ceramic Exhibition

1986    Participated in the excavation of the old Anagama kiln site; carried a preservation campaign for the site

1987    Participated in Chunichi International Ceramic Exhibition

1989    Solo exhibition, Savoir Vivre, Tokyo

    Moved to Tomika-city and built his own kiln

1990    Solo exhibition, Gallery F, Minokamo

    Participated in Exhibition “Clay, Flame and Shuntaro Tanikawa”, Chiku-mura, Tajimi

    Solo exhibition, Kuroda Toen, Tokyo

1991    Solo exhibition, Gallery F, Minokamo

    Exhibition, Life Gallery Ten, Fukuoka

    Exhibition, Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo

    Exhibition “Shapes of Vessels”, AZ Gallery, Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, ARTE SPAZIO, Tokyo

    Exhibition “Clay – Message IN Mino”, Tajimi

    Solo exhibition. Gallery Pousse, Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, Gallery M, Tokyo

1992    Solo exhibition, Kuroda Toen, Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, Gallery Enkyo, Ichinomiya

    Solo exhibition, Gallery Ensha, Niigata

1993    Participated in Exhibition  “Contemporary Vessels Part I” Karaku, Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, Gallery Enbu, Nagoya

    Solo exhibition, Life Gallery Ten, Fukuoka

    Solo exhibition, Gallery Tenjuku, Tokyo (thereafter ‘96, ‘98, ’00) 

1994    Invited to exhibit in Asahi Craft Exhibition

    Solo exhibition, Gallery KOYANAGI, Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, Karaku “Kai”, Tokyo

1995    Solo exhibition, Gallery Kandori, Tokyo (thereafter ‘98, ’01, ’02)

1996       “Rin – Beauty of Contemporary Ceramics”, Shiga Ceramic Park Museum

    “Young Leaders of Contemporary Ceramics”, Aichi Prefecture Ceramic Museum 

    “Contemporary Ceramics of Tokai Region”, International Ceramics Academy, Nagoya     

    Solo exhibition, Gallery Yumanite Nagoya, Nagoya (thereafter ’98)

    Solo exhibition, To Iwaoka, Sagamihara (thereafter ‘97-’00, ‘02)

                        Solo exhibition, Gallery NOW, Toyama

Solo exhibition, Masuda Studio, Tokyo (thereafter ’01)

1997    “Contemporary Ceramics in Mino ‘Tradition & Creation’”, Aichi Prefecture Ceramic Museum  

    Solo exhibition, Utsuwakan, Kyoto (thereafter ’99)

    Solo exhibition, Oukashorin, Nagano (thereafter ’99 & ’00)

1998    “Current Form of Ceramics”, Alice Ark Museum, Kesenuma

    Solo exhibition, Gallery Yumanite Nagoya, Nagoya 

    Solo exhibition, Hashimoto Bijutsu Gallery, Nagoya (thereafter ’01)

1999    Slide Lectures and workshops at Faenza, Aichi, and Seoul

    Solo exhibition, Dojima Gallery, Osaka (thereafter ’01)

    Solo exhibition, Yabuki Gallery, Okayama

    Solo exhibition, Tamura Gallery, Hiroshima

2000    Solo exhibition, Toshin Gallery, Kamakura

    Solo exhibition, Fujinoya Gallery, Sano

    Solo exhibition, Saitouan Gallery, Hagi

    Solo exhibition, Tsuchi no Hana, Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, Bunmu Gallery, Shizuoka

    Solo exhibition, Nakagen Gallery, Aichi

2001    Solo exhibition, Tanaka Gallery, Nagoya

    Solo exhibition, Takashimaya Department Store, Nihonbashi Tokyo

    Solo exhibition, Takumiya, Gifu

2002    “The Legacy of Modern Ceramic Art” exhibition, Gifu Prefecture Contemporary Ceramic Art Museum

    Solo exhibition, Asu Akebi, Ehime

2003    “The World of White and Blue Celadon Glazed Porcelains” exhibition, Ibaraki Prefecture Ceramic Art Museum, Kasama

    Kanazawa International Craft Forum 2003, Kanazawa

2004    “Shape of Heart, Shape of Living” exhibition, Gifu Prefecture Art Museum, Gifu

    “Mino Ceramics Now” exhibition, Gifu Prefecture Contemporary Ceramic Art Museum, Tajimi

    “Days of Deed”: Tsubusa Kato – Hono Kim” exhibition, Seto City New Century Craft Museum, Seto

2006    “’Touji’ Tradition and Avant-garde of Japanese Ceramic Art” exhibition

    National Ceramic Art Museum of France, Sevre

2007            Fired with passion: Contemporary Ceramics of Japan, Towson        

                    University Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts, Maryland.

2008             Solo Exhibition Hot Ice, Dai Ichi Arts, New York.

2014    Flow, exhibition organized by NCECA, Milwaukee Art Museum, WI