Dai Ichi Artsは、日本現代美術や陶磁器を紹介するファインアートギャラリーであり、プライベートコレクションでもあります。これまでに、メトロポリタン美術館、シカゴ美術館、ヴィクトリア&アルバート美術館などの主要な美術館のパーマネントコレクションに作品を提供してきました。1989年の設立以来、Dai Ichi Artsは、日本の現代陶芸の重要な作品をニューヨークの現代アートスペースに紹介することに注力してきました。

ビアトリス・レイ・チャン(Beatrice Lei Chang)

故郷の上海にある復旦大学で学んだ後、サザビーズでアメリカの修士号とアジア美術コースの修了証書を取得しました。1989年には、ニューヨークで初めて日本の現代陶芸を紹介したギャラリーゼロに入社。チャン氏は、『Fired with Passion』という本を共同で執筆しました。Fired with Passion: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics」(2006年)を共同執筆し、陶芸界で好評を博した。Daiichiartsを代表して、「Breaking the Mold」展を共同開催。Breaking the Mold: Contemporary Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Sculpture」展(2009年)をDennos Museum Center(ミシガン州)と共同で開催しました。英語、中国語、日本語に堪能なチャン氏は、中国の大学や米国の美術館で、中国と日本の陶芸作品について講演もしています。また、中国生まれの日本の現代陶芸の専門家として、日本を訪れた際には、しばしば母国への「寄り道」をしています。日本の現代陶芸と同様に、チャン氏はニューヨークをはじめとする世界各地で、中国の陶磁器を教育し、愛好者を増やすことに努めています。また、Dai Ichi Artsのディレクター兼オーナーとして、日本の陶芸家たちと有意義な関係を築いてきました。当時のフランス大統領であり、アジア大使を自任していたジャック・シラク氏からの手紙には、「Je vous en remercie très particularèrement」(2003年3月25日)と書かれており、チャン氏のこの分野での貢献が称賛されています。


  • Director, Beatrice Lei Chang


    Beatrice Lei Chang

    Beatrice Chang is a leading expert on Japanese and Chinese ceramic works who has introduced pieces to the collections of about twenty museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chicago Art Institute, Minneapolis Museum of Art, Portland Museum of Art, and San Diego Art Museum. Chang continues to be an authority in the field and advises a variety of clients, from the curious passerby to the life-long collector. 


    Following her studies at Fudan University in her hometown of Shanghai, Chang received an American master’s degree and an Asian Art course certificate from Sotheby’s. In 1989 Chang joined Gallery Zero, which was the first gallery to introduce contemporary Japanese ceramics to New York City. Chang co-authored the book Fired with Passion: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics(2006), which was received well by the ceramic community. On behalf of Dai Ichi Arts, Chang co-organized the exhibition Breaking the Mold: Contemporary Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Sculpture (2009) with the Dennos Museum Center in Michigan. Fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese, Chang has lectured on both Chinese and Japanese ceramic work at universities in China and museums in the United States. As a Chinese-born expert on contemporary Japanese ceramics, Chang has often made fruitful “detours” to her homeland when traveling to Japan. Like with contemporary Japanese ceramics, Chang has sought to educate and ignite a love for Chinese ceramics in New York and elsewhere.  


    As the director and owner of Dai Ichi Arts, Chang has traveled extensively and established meaningful relationships with Japanese ceramic artists. Chang’s contribution to this field is praised in a letter from Jacques Chirac, at the time the president of France and a self–proclaimed Ambassador to Asia, in which he says “Je vous en remercie très particulièrement” (March 25, 2003). 

  • Gallery Assistant, Kristie Lui

    Gallery Assistant

    Kristie Lui

    Kristie Lui is the Gallery & Collections Assistant at Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. She is also a Master’s candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, where she studies pre-modern and classical decorative arts in China and Japan from the Tang dynasty and Heian period, respectively. She received her undergraduate degree at University College London, where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in the History of Art and Material Sciences. She is fluent in three languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and can read and write in French and Japanese. She has had experience working in museums, galleries, and cultural heritage institutions in Singapore, Beijing, and London.


    In her spare time, she is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She also organizes forums and workshops on scholarship surrounding Contemporary Asian Art at the Institute of Fine Arts (IFA Contemporary Asia). She invites distinguished scholars, curators, artists, and writers to speak at the Institute to foster dynamic discussion of modern and contemporary Asian art as well as the Asian diaspora. She also curates for projects such as Ingrained NY, and other curatorial projects within the non-profit space.