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Suzuki goro


HIRUMA KAZUYO 昼馬和代 (1947- )



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This fun piece by master ceramicist Suzuki Goro is glazed in the traditional oribe style. Oribe ware holds a unique place in Japanese ceramics, originated in 17th century, largely produced in Mino area. One of its characteristic geometric and organic designs on a burnt orange field coupled with areas of rich green glaze are immediately recognizable. Here on Suzuki's water melon, the high contrast between orange and green provides a nice visual "pop," and their successful pairing requires a carefully maintained temperature during firing.  The green glaze does not seem dry at all, but rather retains an exuberantly liquid sheen and pools thickly in the irregularities of the surface as well as in the corners of the box's interior. These jewel-like pools emphasize the gentle undulations of the surface, cut by the artist into beautiful organic lines. The orange sections contain the typical Oribe countryside designs, including woven bamboo, twisting vines, hanging fruits, and the artist's own signature flying crow. The box has an ancient pedigree in Japanese art, but Suzuki's boxes transcend this history by creating something wholly new and individual. Suzuki Goro's work can be found in numerous public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Museum of Fine Art, Boston; the Japanese Ceramics Museum, and many others. Suzuki's playful and engaging work proves his position as a master of the ceramic arts, as this commanding box beautifully illustrates.


 Selected Public Collections:
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Denver Art Museum, CO
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Smith College Museum of Art, MA
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, MI
Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Seto, Aichi, Japan
Seto City Museum, Aichi, Japan
Meito Art Museum, Aichi, Japan
Menard Art Museum, Aichi, Japan

1941        Born in Toyoda-city, Aichi Prefecture
1961        Award in Nitten Exhibition
        Governor’s award in Asahi Ceramic Competition
1962        Grand award in Asahi Ceramic Competition
1963        Participated in Asian Ceramic Exhibition
1964        Award in the 50th Anniversary Koku-kai Exhibition
1966        Grand award in Asahi Ceramic Competition
1969-70  Traveled the U.S.
        Solo exhibition, Q Gallery, Los Angeles
1971        Award in the 3rd China-Japan International Ceramic Exhibition
1975        Award in the Asahi Ceramic Exhibition
        Invited to the Rhode Island Art School
1977        Solo Exhibition, Seibu Department Store Gallery, Ikebukuro
1978        Solo exhibition, Maruei Department Store Gallery, Nagoya
        (biannual exhibitions afterward until ’88)

Solo Exhibition, Inui Gallery, Tokyo 
1981        Solo Exhibition, Seibu Department Store Gallery, Ikebukuro
1982        Invited to the Cranbrook University
Solo Exhibition – Dinner wares, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya
1987        Solo Exhibition - Coffee Cups, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya
1988        Solo Exhibition – Sake Objects, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya 
1989        Solo Exhibition – Jars, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya
         Solo Exhibition, Maruei Department Store, Nagoya
1990        Solo Exhibition – Ceramic Boxes, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya
        Solo Exhibition, Akamatsu Gallery, Tokyo
1991        Solo Exhibition – Cigarette Boxes, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya 
        Solo Exhibition, Akamatsu Gallery, Tokyo
1992    Solo Exhibition – Tea Caddies, Daiichi Gallery, Nagoya
    Solo Exhibitions, Takashimaya Department Store Galleries, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, & Yokohama
1993    Solo Exhibition – Ceramic Boxes, Maruei Department Store Gallery, Nagoya
Solo Exhibition – Big Plates, Gallery Kenbishi, Kariya
Solo Exhibition – Coffee Cups, Gallery Kenbishi, Kariya
1995.    Solo Exhibition – Tea Bowls, Fujino-ya, Sano
    Solo Exhibition – Cups, Inui Gallery, Ashigara
    Solo Exhibition – Big Jars, Gallery Kenbishi, Kariya
1996    Solo Exhibition – Cups, Isetan Department Store Gallery, Shinjuku Tokyo   
        Solo Exhibition – Sake Bottles & Cups, Sun Gallery Sue, Nagoya
1997       Solo Exhibition – Tea Pots, Fujino-ya, Sano
        Solo Exhibition – “The World of Goro Suzuki”, Sun Gallery Sue, Nagoya
        Solo Exhibition – Vessels for Food, Gallery Goro, Shinjuku Tokyo
1998      Solo Exhibition, Frank Lloyd Gallery, U.S.
        Solo Exhibition – “55 Tea Bowls”, Maruei Department Store, Nagoya
        Exhibition - “Ceramic Hunt ‘98” sponsored by NHK 
        Solo Exhibition, Gonza Shogetsu-do Gallery, Tokyo
1999        Solo Exhibition – “Ceramic Tea Utensils” Sun Gallery Sue, Nagoya 
         Solo Exhibition, Frank Lloyd Gallery, U.S.
        Solo Exhibition – Cups, Sun Gallery Sue, Nagoya
2000        Solo Exhibition – “Goro’s Universe” sponsored by Nikkei Newspaper
        “2000 Goro Suzuki’s Tea Bowls”, Maruei Department Store, Nagoya 
        Solo Exhibition, Toyota-city Noh Play Theater, Toyota-city
        Solo Exhibition – “50 Plates with Horse eye design” Gallery Goro, Tokyo
2001.    Solo Exhibition – “Goro Suzuki’s World”, Sun Gallery Sue, Nagoya
    Solo Exhibition – “2001 Goro’s Chairs”, Maruei Department Store, Nagoya
       Invited to participate in the World Ceramic Expo 2001, Korea
2002        2001 Japan Ceramic Association Award 
        Japan Ceramic Association Award Exhibition, Wako Hall, Tokyo
2004        Three International Artists, International Art Village, Tokyo
2005        Solo Exhibition The World of Tea, International Art Village, Tokyo
2006        Solo Exhibition Raku Teabowl, Gallery Sumie, Nagoya
2007        Solo Exhibition Shino Flourishing, Ginza Seigetsudo, Tokyo
2008        Solo Exhibition Goro Suzuki Ceramics, International Art Village
        Solo Exhibition Marriage of Shino and Stone, Maruei Department Store,         Nagoya.
2009        Solo Exhibition A Tale of Four Cities, Takashimaya (Nihonbashi, Osaka, 
     Yokohama and Nagoya).
2013        Horse, Gallery KENBISHI, Nagoya.
2014        Solo Exhibition SUZUKI Goro: Goribe, Takashimaya (Nihonbashi, Osaka,
2015        A retrospective show “Live in Earth, Play in Earth” at Menard Art Museum