Chanoyu: A Taste of Tea

18 April - 30 May 2022
We are delighted to present a group of teawares this Spring, functional wares representing the art of "Chanoyu", the ritual Japanese tea ceremony that involves serving, taking, and drinking of tea. The modern history of Chanoyu carries through the style and grace of tea tradition. Vases, teabowls, water jars, and other functional objects act as aesthetic anchors for the ceremony. 
This Spring, Dai Ichi Arts is delighted to showcase the modern traditions of teaware: a taste of tea. The exhibition focuses on functional pieces, featuring tea bowls, vases, water jars, and functional works by artists: Kato Mami 加藤真美 (b. 1963) , Goto Hideki 後藤秀樹 (b. 1973). Shingu Sayaka 新宮さやか (b. 1979), Murata Gen 村田元(1904-1988), Shimaoka Tatsuzo 島岡達三 (LNT, 1919-2007), Kinjo Jiro 金城次郎 (LNT, 1912-2004), Sugimoto Sadamitsu 杉本貞光 (b. 1935), Nakamura Takuo 中村卓夫 (b. 1945), and many more.