Modern Masters: Size & Scale in Modern Ceramics

13 - 31 January 2022

We’re delighted to present our January exhibition, Modern Masters. The exhibition brings focus to the precise ways that artists use size or scale to influence the overall affect of an object. From Mingei masters (Kawai Kanjiro, 1890-1966; FUNAKI Kenji, b. 1927; MURATA Gen, 1904-2012; SHIMAOKA Tatsuzo, 1919-2007 LNT), to Shino specialists (WAKAO Toshisada, b. 1933; TSUBOSHIMA Dohei, 1929-2013), to masters over Shigaraki and Raku techniques (SUGIMOTO Sadamitsu, b. 1935), we are delighted to bring modern masterpieces to you this winter. Join us for a month of slow looking through our objects. We will be adding new pieces weekly. Get in touch to preview pieces now!