03/16/2019 | Kind of Blue: KATO Mami

KATO Mami bowl-6.jpg

Acclaimed artist KATO Mami describes ceramics as a "world-language, people can understand even though we can't speak the local language. We can have same feelings and sympathy." 

The artist is internationally known for sculptures that are shaped like bowls but meant to be non-functional artistic expressions. 

The bowl shape of Kato's works makes them accessible as essential vessels for sustenance, allowing each work to feed our spirits.

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Moonlight, an award winning piece, hand picked by our favorite artist and judge KOIE Ryoji, is a particularly expressive example of Kato's practice. The uneven rim of the bowl is accentuated with the drips of a greenish-blue glaze. Undefined and unrealized rims seem to rise out of the sculpture's interior, and we feel a tension in "Moonlight". Kato is inspired by hollowness, the subconscious, and inner landscapes. These themes permeate "Moonlight", which becomes a container for melancholy, agitation, and the beauty of human experience.  This bowl shows how she finally accepts herself as a whole.


KATO Mami studied at the Tokoname City Ceramic Art Institute and was an apprentice to Asako Watanabe for three years. Her work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and art fairs. In 2015 Kato was the first woman to win the Shoroku Chawan Competition in twenty-four years. 

Building on her early study of education, Kato teaches ceramics in Japan and has led workshops in countries including Spain, the United States, and South Korea.

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KATO Mami 加藤真美(1963- )
Moonlight 月あかり
H10.2" x D4.25" x W7.5", H26.2 x D31.3 x W37.5 cm
Glazed Porcelain

C.S. Jiang