01/22/19 | HAYASHI Yasuo

HAYASHI Yasuo, 90 years old. ---- He is one of the founders of the pioneer post-war ceramic group "Shiko-kai." Hayashi has been a ceramic sculptor since, and his work has been recently reevaluated in terms of history as well as the state of contemporary art. 

Hayashi studied at Kyoto Art School and was a Kamikaze pilot candidate just before the end of World War II. Once he was able to return to his art, Hayashi participated in the first post-war Contemporary Japanese Ceramic exhibition in Paris. Since then, Hayashi has received many awards both in Japan and overseas.


Straight lines and curves, flat surfaces and curved ones all converge in Hayashi's ceramic sculptures. This intellectual construction originated from the cultural rupture of World War II.

While he trained as a Kamikaze pilot, Hayashi found that his eyes easily confused color and form on the ground during night flights. The young artist thought it was like an illusion. 

He says, "We were beat thoroughly and completely during the war. While we tried to figure out how we could survive from that point, somehow, post-war ceramic sculpture emerged."

Hayashi keeps creating. For him, creating each art piece is an "embodiment of his soul." As long as this artist lives, he creates.

11/26/2018 | The Kyoto Shimbun News

C.S. Jiang