09/07/18 | My Travel Log : Hokkaido 



When I was growing up Takakura Ken (高倉健), one of the greatest  legends of Japanese cinema, was my idol. He created many Hokkaidō heroes who were quiet, stoic, hard working, loving and passionate.  

I watched movies like Theater of Life, Bullet Train, and A Distant Cry from Spring again and again.


Alan Booth’s book Looking for the Lost ignited my interest in Hokkaidō yet again, and I set off for this less travelled land. 



Hokkaidō, I am coming! 


I fell in love with Hokkaidō as soon as my airplane began descending into Sapporo Airport, surrounded by rolling green lands immersed in crystal clear waters. Shaped like an expanding fish net, Hokkaidō reads like a poem. Its blue sky is so blue, and yet almost green, hovering over verdant mountains of many hues. These continuous mountains seem to extend themselves to the end of the earth. Fresh air with a touch of sea salt flavor caresses you. Sitting on the north side of Japan’s mainland, Hokkaidō is nested between the Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean, and nature rewards it with abundant resources including delicious seafood, fresh vegetables and wild landscape. Uni (sea urchin) lovers like me enjoy the best unis (Ba fun, murasaki and Aka uni), as well as sweet fresh corn, melons dripping with water, not to mention potatoes and creamy asparagus....


What kind of art and artists does this vast land with abundant resources offer? Let the hunt begin. Stay tuned…











C.S. Jiang