08/04/18 | Celadon: FUKAMI Sueharu

Buckle up! Let us leave the phenomenal world and enter into the subliminal world of celadon. In the garden of celadon, there is the extraordinary, out of this world Fukami Sueharu. His pressure-slip-cast celadon works leave us speechless and enlightened.

Fukami favors “Qingbai 青白,” which is a pale blue celadon that originates from the Song Dynasty in China. The artist has ingeniously created a technical wonder to achieve this. He instills liquid porcelain into a cast, extracts the sculptures, and smooths them out with water and many layers of glaze. In Fukami's work, we often find razor-thin wings stretching gracefully, magically sculpted with no direct human touch. 

FUKAMI Sueharu Kogo1.JPG

He has pulled off what no one has even done in the long history of celadon! I wonder if Fukami has applied for a patent for his beautiful creation ... his work forms the horizon of celadon sculpture, and as you hold one of his works you can feel the pinnacle of celadon.

FUKAMI Sueharu Kogo 6.jpg

FUKAMI Sueharu 深見陶治(1947- )

Kyu 穹, 2018

H8.75" x W30" x D6.3", H22.2 x W76.2 x D16cm

Celadon with wood pedestal


FUKAMI Sueharu 深見陶治(1947- )

Celadon Box with Lid “Kai-kei” ハコのカタチ「海景」, 2015 

H3.8” x D5” x W6”, H9.7 x D13 x W15.3cm


With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang