07/28/18 | Celadon: SUZUKI Osamu

Guardian or Sumo wrestler
It is natural that Suzuki Osamu sculpted a guardian figure while working in Kyoto, a city filled with temples. Or maybe he had Osaka in mind, twenty minutes away and home to the annual sumo wrestling championship, which inspired him to create a wrestler ready to fight.

This work's title, 力士, means a mighty person.

KONGO Rikishi at Todaiji in Nara

KONGO Rikishi at Todaiji in Nara

SUMO Wrestler

SUMO Wrestler

Suzuki Osamu's sculptures are rarely figurative, and 力士 is a remote exception. This figure is stripped, revealing only its wide shoulders, narrow waist and legs apart. This is a giant guardian nodding to his civilians or a sumo wrestler poised to fight. The lower middle of the piece bulges like a man's big belly. This figure is here to protect us or he is ready to charge against his opponent. 

Ceramic artists like Suzuki Osamu popularized Kyoto's Kiyomizu kiln neighborhood and the rising real estate market drove them out of the area by 1969. Suzuki moved his studio to a less crowded area. He bought a gas kiln, which allowed him to develop his passion for Celadon works and experiment in a more controlled kiln atmosphere. 

Judging the weight of this piece, it must be coiled to start with, Suzuki then blowing air into the piece to smooth it out from within. 
He instilled life and sprite into this mighty creation! 

SUZUKI Osamu Rikishi7.jpg

SUZUKI Osamu 鈴木治(1926-2001)

Celadon Sculpture Rikishi 力士 玄夜の章

H11.2” x D5.6” x W6.7”, H28.5 x D14.2 x W17cm


Signed Su す at the lower side

With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang