07/21/18 | Celadon: KAWASE Shinobu

It takes certain characters or energy to make celadon like Kawase shinobu does. You are what you eat, the Chinese believes one's hand writing reveals ones inner self. 

Kawase's celadon works are smooth, sublime and other worldly beautiful. Though he spent many many hours in National museum in Taiwan, he must have other magic which allows him to do what he does.


In Song Dynasty China, Buddhism was a popular believe, to the degree that all colors were the color of Buddha; all sounds were the sounds of Buddha. 

Ancient Chinese prized this blue green color, as it stands for purity, calmness and tranquility. They believe Through zen  practice , one can achieve 

clean, clear , transparent and tranquility. 

I have not asked Mr. Kawase IF he meditates, his tranquil, sublime celadon works certainly provide us a Zen experience as his celadon works wedded to something more meaningful and profound. From his works, we can see his deepest self is singing and manifesting. 

KAWASE Shinobu 川瀬忍 (1950- )

Celadon Jar "Jin-cho(Penguin)"人鳥, 1996

H8.6" x D6.2" x W6.3", H22 x D16 x W16.2cm

Glazed Porcelain

With Signed Wood Box


Celadon Large Incense Burner 青磁香炉, 2008

Main body D: 14.5cm W: 15.6cm H: 30.8cm, H12" x D5.7" x W6"

Saucer D: 39.0cm W: 67.0cm H: 1.3cm, H0.5" x D15.3" x W26"


With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang