Beatrice Chang, Director

Beatrice Chang’s unique approach to beauty in design and her eye for aesthetic excellence feeds her passion for metal, glass, and textile art. In order to give voice and vision to this passion, Dai Ichi Arts has incorporated Chang’s taste into a unique selection of one-of-a-kind fine jewelry and outstanding contemporary ceramics. Small in size and sculptural in nature, both jewelry and ceramics capture the aesthetic imagination and invite close looking. Dai Ichi’s selection of ceramics and jewelry pieces focuses on form, material, craftsmanship, and often on a personal relationship with the artist. 

Chang was born in Shanghai and educated at Shanghai’s renowned Fudan University before furthering her study with a Master’s Degree in the United States. For the past 20 years she has been the director and owner of Dai Ichi Arts, the leading public gallery devoted to contemporary Chinese and Japanese ceramics. Her expertise and acquisitions include the full range of Japan’s ceramic production, from the finest examples of contemporary works to superb rare and ancient works. She is the author of a comprehensive and widely praised book on Japanese ceramics, Fired with Passion, and has given lectures and curated exhibitions at important art institutions across the United States. This expertise is matched by her excellent taste in high quality vintage and contemporary artist’s jewelry. Chang’s profound knowledge of both jewelry and ceramics is infused with genuine, infectious enthusiasm—a rare quality in an experienced art dealer, one that makes her stand out in the field.


Yuko Weiner, Curator

Yuko Weiner joined Dai Ichi Arts as a curator in the fall of 2014. Yuko studied ceramic art at Kyoto Seika University, where she also received her MFA. During her graduate studies, she began working at Gallery Utsuwakan, a highly regarded Kyoto institution established in 1984. Her five years with Gallery Utsuwakan introduced Yuko to curatorial work and furthered her knowledge of Japanese ceramics. In addition to her usual gallery duties, she also curated and managed external exhibitions, Japanese tea ceremonies, and other ceramics events at a variety of sites. In 2012 Yuko started teaching and pursuing her studies at Bard College, located in New York’s Hudson Valley, where she studied English as well as art. Yuko’s ability to communicate through the medium of ceramics is unparalleled, something made possible by her deep knowledge of Japanese ceramics and her experience working as an artist in the field. She introduces viewers to the unique, historically rich Japanese ceramic art and culture with enthusiasm and passion. Her work also supports cross-cultural connections, which are rooted in a common appreciation for the beauty of the ceramics she creates and curates.

キュレイター ワイナー祐子
ワイナー祐子は京都精華大学修士過程在籍中より、京都ギャラリー器館にてキュレイターとしての経験を重ねました。5年間の間にギャラリーの外での企画展、イベント、また2007年〜2011年に渡る“試みの茶事”等を通して、日本陶芸に対する深い知識と、独自の視点を培いました。2012年に渡米、ニューヨーク州バード大学にて日本語と日本文化を教えながら、英語や芸術についての知識を深めました。 彼女の視点は、自分自身が制作してきた経験を基盤としています。また海外に住むことで改めて見えてきた日本の陶芸と文化の特殊さ、おもしろさ、受け取り方の違いを含めて自分の言葉で伝えていくことに取り組んでいます 。日本とアメリカの陶芸家の方々、受け手、すべての陶芸にかかわる人に貢献できるように、美しいものを通して人と人をつなげる場となることを目指しています。